Can you learn how to sing reddit?

Anyone can do it (assuming there are no neurological or physical disorders that prevent it). It's just that it's much harder for some people who. It's just that it's much harder for some people than for others. It is physiologically possible for anyone to become a singing professional.

But you have to understand what muscles have to do, and then how to accurately train the voice around it. If you don't train everything correctly, you won't make any progress, even if you do it wrong for years. Yes, it is quite possible to do it on your own. Everyone can sing unless the person is deaf.

If you ask me, not singing is absurd unless you have this unfortunate disability. You should be singing right now instead of asking this silly question. Singing is the way to transmit culture and participate in rituals. You have to sing Happy Birthday, at least, even if you're deaf.

The only possible excuse is if you can't talk either. Yes, everyone can learn to sing. Like any musical skill, it requires practice, but yes, it can be learned. I'm not mainly a vocalist (I'm a guitarist who starts singing from time to time), so I can't give any recourse.

Practice hitting the notes with the attached vellum (that is, the flap that closes the oral cavity when you make the ng sound) and then unhook the middle note. It's easier to be precise with the vellum attached, although I don't know why. It is very important that anyone who is just starting out in singing understands that it is better to learn to sing with personality right from the start. Record yourself singing, even with your smartphone if you don't know how to record with the right equipment.

The biggest obstacles for me were realizing and accepting what my voice sounds like, and gaining confidence to take notes. My advice to you would be to sing music that inspires you, to write your own if you want and, instead of trying to emulate another singer, find the joys in the peculiarities and unique aspects of your own voice. If you have always wanted to sing, I strongly recommend that you follow it even if you think your voice is not that good RIGHT NOW (it will absolutely improve). It's a little difficult to give exact advice for every single thing that may be needed in a single general post, so if you have any specific questions, feel free to leave a comment here and I (along with many others who have experience) will get an answer.

In the same way, I know that people who often sing a little out of tune, still sound good because they have a good singing voice. In short, the idea that anyone can sing is based on the fact that singing is not something you are born with, but a skill. There was a lot more to singing than I knew (I thought I just needed to play the right note with a good tone. When you say “you don't want to wait so long” you're missing the most important lesson that any musician is forced to learn: patience.

I also read once that, like many animals, humans can attract potential partners with voices that sound good and therefore most people should be able to sing a tune that sounds good to the human ear. When I first started (tried) to sing when I was around 13 years old, my biggest challenge was to stay tuned. Beyond that, singing doesn't have to do with the actual increases in time spent practicing and more with the amount of progress and work you put into practice. The only reason singing is sometimes expressed in terms of talent or innate ability is because many people develop skills that affect singing, such as a good ear, from informal training, being exposed to music, and learning to listen, which often happens at an early age and without necessarily taking classes formal lessons.

Patients with brain damage may experience loss of ability to produce musical sounds while still speaking, just as aphasic people lose speech selectively, but can sometimes continue to sing. .

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